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FUTURE   PRO   Mentoring 

Benefit to  Students  - Youth   Mentees     Mentors

Mentoring a Secret Weapon


 *    98% of youth matched with mentors stay in school

 *    98% of youth matched with mentors did not become a teen parent

 *    98% of youth with mentors avoid gang participation 

 *    85% of youth matched with mentors did not use drugs

       ----  California Mentor Foundation 

In addition mentoring has been proven to be economically efficient as the most potent,  cost effective, preventative youth development strategy available today.  California Mentoring Foundation research shows the cost benefit of supporting a child through mentoring far outweighs the benefits of costly social programs. 





Dreams Do Come True
   Become A Mentor


   VBETT & Future PRO Mentoring


For Upwardly Mobile Future   Professionals.


    Creating Tomorrow's Leaders -- Today




For Upwardly Mobile Future Professionals 


 Creating  Tomorrow's  Leaders -- Today


Mentees  will benefit from  the guidance  and  advice offered by individuals who understand,  through first hand experience,  the career,  life goals,  and concerns they currently face.  


If you have any questions about being a Mentee  or  Mentor

Email us today.   or


Benefit  to  Mentors

Participating,  will in a short period of time,  impact the future of young people.  You will be able to give back to the community through an investment of time and share your personal experiences with young people seeking guidance. Mentors will need to make a ( 6 ) six month to ( 1 ) one - year commitment and may specify how many students you would like to be assigned. Throughout the year,  mentors are free to offer their assistance in whatever way they choose.

Learn more about the guidelines and expectations established by VBETT

Future PRO Mentoring.



Your primary responsibility is to offer the mentee advice and guidance likely to improve the potential for the mentee's growth and advancement within the mentee's chosen profession, or field of study.


Effective mentoring occurs when the mentor's guidance reinforces the mentee's existing skills,  and facilitates the mentee's acquisition of applicable new practice skills.  For further information on Future PRO Mentoring Guidelines and Code of Conduct

Contact Sylvia Malone - Secretary of Communication, 



FUTURE PRO Mentoring Program




VBETT developing young entrepreneures - In the near future Jobs may not be an option. 


Job Market Discriminates Against Black College Grads

-- Huffington Post 

  Sign of the Times

  Future Doctors From Meharry Medical College

  Kappa Alpha Psi




Vallejo Black Empowerment Think Tank a division of

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